Let Personalised Printed T-Shirt Be Part of Your Seasonal Marketing Collateral

Christmas is right around the corner!

Believe it or not, this Christmas season is an important time for any brand in Singapore and beyond. While the pandemic has significantly affected the way we celebrate, consumers across APAC aren’t letting the circumstance rain on their parades.

In fact, researches have suggests that more consumers are getting a head start on their Christmas shopping this year – earlier than ever before. Online shopping rates continue to soar through the roof. This indicates an opportunity for brands and retailers to showcase some creative flair and capture the attention of their audiences as the joyous holiday season rolls around. How so? By introducing marketing collaterals to capitalise on the holiday season rush, of course.

What are marketing collaterals?

In short, marketing collaterals refer to any media material (printed or digital materials) used to promote your products or services. They should run parallel with your existing campaign. And most importantly, they have to be congruent with what your brand stands for.

Why are marketing collaterals necessary?

Now, it is clear that the use of marketing collaterals is not a new strategy. Yet, businesses have been leveraging these assets to generate the type of success they deserve – from supporting sales and increasing awareness to attracting new leads and driving loyalty. The proof is in the pudding. Whatever your marketing collaterals are, they can be impressively powerful additions to your overall marketing strategy. With the ability to influence the way prospective customers perceive your organisation, what better time to experiment with new messaging than now?

What is the must-have offline marketing collateral this season?

Are marketing collaterals like brochures, magazines, calendars and keychains too mainstream for your business? If so, why not consider keeping your business at the forefront with personalised printed t-shirts this season?

After all, to elicit a positive customer response, it is not about slapping on some tinsel and calling it done. Creativity is key to winning mindshare! Instead of adding to the holiday noise, businesses need to get extra creative in order to crush it this holiday season.

That said, offering limited-edition personalised printed t-shirt is a fail-proof way to achieve just that. Why is that so?

Personalised printed t-shirts help to connect with your customers visually

Generally speaking, we are all visual creatures. With eye-popping visuals printed on these t-shirts, it becomes easier for you to win your audience’s attention while creating a consistent visual connection to your brand. When done right, they can become the gateway to sharing your brand story, without having to force-feed your audiences sales pitch or shove information down their throats.

It’s a real win-win situation

One of the most incredible things about these t-shirts is that they are so functional – people can and will wear them anywhere. Who doesn’t love a good staple t-shirt? No one, we bet. By offering personalised t-shirts to your customers, it not only makes your customers happy, but your business benefits from it in many ways too.

For one, it helps to enhance brand identity. With your company logo embroidered onto the t-shirts, your brand can be seen even in places your online marketing campaigns cannot reach.

Secondly, they work wonderfully in capturing immediate attention, bringing maximum success to your seasonal marketing campaign.

And the list goes on.

It’s a low-cost way to motivate high returns.

Last but not least, T-shirt printing in Singapore is a low-cost affair which can yield a 10-fold return on investments. Not to mention, you can easily find suppliers that offer value deals with no minimum order requirements.

Don’t leave your planning to the last minute – make the most of this holiday season with Printee today.