Personalised T-Shirt Printing Design Ideas for Lunar New Year

Are you ready to usher in the Year of the Ox? All hail everything red, bright and new! Dressing up in new threads for Lunar New Year is one of the oldest customary practices among the Chinese, dating back to the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589 AD). What exactly is the historical significance behind this peculiar custom?

Traditionally, it is believed that acquiring brand-new outfits – from head to toe – symbolises the idea of change, a chance to start over, to begin anew (which is in line with the whole concept of the spring festival). Apart from that, the Chinese also reckon that new clothes embody all things auspicious – and can protect one from the evil spirits.

The Style Notes

The clothing choices for Lunar New Year have indeed been redefined over the years. In the past, Qipao (a conservative, figure-accentuating dress embroidered with intricate designs for the ladies) and Tang Suit (an outfit for men that boasts its signature upturned collar, straight lapels and traditional Chinese knots) were a common sight on the streets.

Today, these traditional outfits have been refashioned with a contemporary spin. And while there are no specific requirements on the type of clothing to wear on Lunar New Year, modern folks are usually draped in red hues or other brightly-coloured clothing with quirky graphic prints – for the same reason. Not to mention, wearing auspicious colours like red has also evolved into a fashion choice among the younger generations.

Revellers, gather! We’ve got several design ideas that endow the most prosperous energy of the festival. If conventional, elaborated dressing isn’t up your alley this year (since celebrations are likely going to take place on a much smaller-scale), why not ace the spirit of the Lunar New Year with some personalised printed t-shirts?

Get Inspired

The Ox Print

What better way to celebrate the year of the Ox than with exclusively designed printed t-shirts themed around this zodiac animal? For parents in Singapore who want to encourage creativity and imagination, you can kick things up a notch by turning your little bub’s artwork into a fashion statement t-shirt and get matchy-matchy with them too!

The Mahjong Inspired Print

Hands up, mahjong lovers! Folks in Singapore often take their love for the tile-based game to the next level by having mahjong-inspired prints emblazoned on their shirts. Show your friends and relatives who’s the boss this year during your yearly mahjong get-togethers. Fingers crossed that wearing it will bring you bountiful of good fortune, prosperity and extra luck too!

The ‘Ang Bao’ Look

Go all out in red for an added kick of prosperity. Choose a striking red base complete with bold, traditional motifs like flowers, birds and the phoenix. Can these intricate motifs be chic? The answer is yes! For an added pop, you can even choose to embroider them on. Psst, your relatives will surely be singing praises then.

The Slogan Tee

Personalised slogan t-shirts are so much more than just a fashion fad these days. So why not deck yourself out in one with Chinese New Year greetings and let your shirt do all the talking during visiting? The best part is – this printed number is so versatile, it will provide the mileage you want and need all year round!

Wear It Loud & Proud With Printee

Any design you settle for, be sure to get them printed in advanced so that they’ll be ready in time for your celebrations. On a last-minute quest? Luckily, Printee Singapore is here to get your t-shirt out in a snap. Reach out to us today.