Way back when soccer was first established, there wasn’t any need for a team uniform at all. That can be pretty hard to imagine – considering that it’s now a norm for soccer players in Singapore and beyond to don stylish, custom uniforms. But how did we go from plain white shirts to the flashy statement that we know and love today? We’re here to dig further.

A Look into the Brief History of the Soccer Team Uniform

Back in the days – 1848 to be exact – when soccer first came about, there was nothing such as the soccer team uniform at all. Most players merely put on a white shirt and long trousers, and they are all set to step into the field. The only discernible difference between each team was either a colourful hat or scarf that’ll let the players know who they’re standing next to or about to pass the ball to. That was it.

It was only until the early 20th century that soccer players start to catch on to the idea of putting on colourful t-shirts that are more conducive to athletic activities. They were heading in the right direction.

By the 1960s, soccer uniforms made of light, breathable fabrics were introduced, along with the rising popularity of the sport. The sleeves were made shorter for unrestricted movements, the neckline was made more breathable, and not forgetting the fact that the fabric got lighter to help with speed and endurance around the field.

Technological advancements then enabled the world to refine the soccer uniform continuously – and eventually, it became the humble, ‘continental’ jersey we see today. Little did anyone knew that it’d become a global fashion trend. It’s interesting to see how the soccer team uniform has evolved with the times and the ever-changing demands of the players, right?

So Why Do Soccer Players Wear Team Uniform Anyway?

When it comes to competitive sports like soccer, it’s always been important to be able to distinguish between two teams – and a team uniform does just the job. But it goes much deeper than the instrumental functions.

Wearing a team uniform instils a sense of pride (or what we call “professional pride”) in a player. Every soccer player is a proud supporter of their own teams. While the uniform may not necessarily reflect the latest trend or individual’s personal preferences, soccer players still stand tall and wear them with immense pride and passion. Simply put, the uniform serves as every player’s “identity kit”. It promotes a sense of belonging and competence among the wearer.

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