Let’s be real here ­– there is an innumerable number of t-shirt printing companies in Singapore, but finding a great one that you can count on isn’t easy. Perhaps you’ve come across companies that sacrifice quality for affordability. Or maybe you’ve paid exorbitant prices for your very own custom t-shirts that turned out to be less than ideal. We’ve been there too. But it shouldn’t be that way. We refuse to resign to the fact that t-shirt printing means having to pick between quality or affordability, one or another. Neither do we believe that a high-cost item equates to a flat-out better product.

Recognising the need for high-quality and affordable t-shirt printing services that are easily accessible to the mass public, Printee set out on this endeavour.

Challenging the Status Quo

As some may know, we were previously known as Tough Men Apparels before rebranding ourselves as Printee. Started out in 2014 as a home-based business, we rapidly expanded and proudly earned a reputation for ourselves as the leading company for customised sportswear and affordable t-shirt printing in Singapore. Today, we’re no longer just a tiny home-based business – we even boast our own production factory and office space.

Despite our growth, we stood our ground and stayed true to what got us started in the first place – delivering quality products and services without the high price tags. But that’s not all.

More Reasons to Choose Us

Ethicality and Integrity

Printee doesn’t just speak about integrity and all the other core values – we make them mean something by ensuring that our services are an accurate reflection of them too. We live our values in the work we do, and that’s why we’re so confident in delivering unmatched results.

Take our after-sales services, for instance. We always go the extra mile to address our customers’ concerns and ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products they receive, making their experiences of working with us worthwhile. Should our customers require any assistance when it comes to product care or anything in between, we’re more than happy to advise too.

Revolutionary Printing Techniques

From screen printing and heat transfer printing to sublimation printing and more, there are a vast number of t-shirt printing methods out there. Harnessing the latest machinery and cutting-edge equipment, Printee executes every project flawlessly, surpassing our customers’ expectations.

We Value Our Customer’s Time

Here at Printee, we understand the excitement one has when they send their artwork for print. Thus, with a streamlined logistic flow, we have what it takes to get every job done in record time. Moreover, we keep our customers fully informed of the printing schedule as we believe that this is pivotal to maintaining customer satisfaction.

We’ve Got a Team of Passionate Professionals

Operating with a meticulous team with shared beliefs, we firmly believe that we are in the best position to drive stellar results. From the choice of fabric and production method to the finishing touches, we keep an eye out for every little detail and never stop improving – this is what separates us from the pack.

Extensive Catalogue of Apparel

We do more than just t-shirt printing. Whether you are looking to print soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys or more, we have you covered too. Simply share with us what you have in mind, and we’ll bring your ideas to life.

Let Us Take Care of Your T-Shirt Printing Needs

With that said, we hope you gained a deeper insight into what we’re all about. If you’re in search of the right t-shirt printing company for your current or future projects, you can certainly count on us!