We are a TShirt printing Singapore company, and we provide customization such as silkscreen printingembroidery and heat transfer printing on T-Shirts and apparels for quantities of at least 5 pieces. We also specialize in the most advanced print type : Sublimation Printing.

Over here at Printeesg, we do provide on the spot printing services, but not for all type of products. Do contact our sales rep for more information.

This is where we will first share with you tips on how you can keep your customisation simple and get them the quickest and fastest way you possibly can with us!

Let’s not wait any further and dive into these tips you can follow to get express T-Shirt printing and embroidery services in Singapore!

How Fast for Express T-shirt Printing ?

There are many factors that will affect the production timeline. The express timeline normally range within 1 to 3 days, please refer to the following points :

1. Quantity of Items

The lower the quantitythe faster we can get the printing or embroidery that you require done faster!

Simple logic right? Yes, to a certain extent!

Not every T-Shirt printing process are equal in terms of preparation and execution leadtime here in Singapore.

In general, it is a good tip to know that smaller quantities will be quicker for you to get your express T-Shirt printing services done fast!

2. Printing Service Type

We have many types of printing services that we can cater for your needs. More information are listed on this weblink. The details are listed within so that you can understand more about the type of printing you require.

3. Product Type

If you mainly require only a readily designed tshirt and getting your printed logo on it, do refer to the following weblink for the catalog. There are various brands available, so check it out and enquire with our sales rep if you have any other questions.

Where to head to for Express Printing

There are some malls that specially cater for printing services in Singapore. They are the historical Queensway Shopping Centre, Bras Basah Complex and Sunshine Plaza.

1. Express T-shirt printing at Queensway Shopping Centre

queensway express t-shirt printing
Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre is Best Known For:

  1. Banner printing
  2. Document printing services – For brochures & Flyers
  3. Embroidery services
  4. Gifts & Souvenir printing services
  5. Large format & poster printing services
  6. Name card printing
  7. Office supplies 
  8. Photocopying services
  9. Sticker printing
  10. T-Shirts, Jersey & Uniform Printing

Contact details retrieved from Google
Location : 3 Queensway, Singapore 149073
Opening Hours : 9am – 10.00pm daily

2. Express T-shirt Printing at Bras Basah Complex

bras basah express t-shirt printing
Bras Basah Complex

 Bras Bash Complex is Best Known For:

  1. Banner & Signage printing services
  2. Book printing services
  3. Brochure printing services
  4. Custom Calendar printing services
  5. Document printing services
  6. Name card printing services
  7. Office supplies 
  8. Post cards printing services
  9. Poster printing services
  10. Ring binding services

Contact details retrieved from Google
Location : 231 Bain St, Singapore 180231
Opening Hours : 10am – 9pm daily

3. Express T-shirt Printing at Sunshine Plaza

sunshine-plaza express t-shirt printing
Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza Mall is Best Known For:

  1. Banner printing
  2. Calendar printing
  3. Customised corporate gifts like mugs, caps & bags
  4. Digital Photo printing
  5. Flyers, brochures & ticket printing
  6. Large format printing
  7. Name card printing
  8. Poster printing
  9. Sticker printing
  10. T-Shirts & Apparel Printing

Contact details retrieved from Google
Location : 91 Bencoolen St, Singapore 189652
Opening Hours : 10am – 10pm daily