Why Do You Need Class Tshirt Printing

class tshirt printing

It is a unique tradition that lasted ages, since the time when one discovered class tshirt printing was affordable in Singapore. We always wonder why do we need a class tshirt.

Of course, a sense of brotherhood and friendship within the classroom requires a uniquely designed shirt. A design that signifies and bonds the class together.

We always have flaoting ideas about how we should dress up the class to make us look cool and stylish. Certain logos that signify us as a class, however, transforming it into a tshirt is difficult for a common student.

If you have designing needs, feel free to contact us for help. We are able to transform your hand sketches of your beloved designs and get it printed to tshirt.

Class Tshirt Printing (Special Deals)

Printeesg is providing special deals for Students / Teachers as mentioned above!

Are you looking to customise and print Class T-Shirts or CCA T-Shirts for your class? If the answer is yes, don’t look any further!

You could be a Teacher for your class or you could be the class representative to source for a trusted T-Shirt printer to get your class T-shirts printed.

A simple task of apparel customisation can get very complicated if you do not have a plan in mind. There are many areas to consider when it comes to customising the perfect class T-Shirts.

But do not worry, we have customised thousands and thousands of Class T-Shirts, CCA T-Shirts and even school camp T-Shirts for the past couple of years!

We know the common problems that you may encounter along the way and this article will help to make it easier for you.

Price Factors

We understand that there are certain students that require financial assistance in school and the shirts should cost a bare minimum of maybe lets say $8 to $10. Of course, the simpler the design is, the lower the costs will be.

Design of Tshirt

Number of colors in your design will affect the pricing. As most of us require silkscreen printing for the logos so as to have a durable print job. Thus a rule of thumb would be, the more colors required, the more expensive it will be.

Location of Prints

The number of locations that your design will be needed to print on will affect the price as well. If you are looking to print all over the shirt, you may want to lessen the prints on the shirt or maybe choose other forms of print method like sublimation.

A reminder will be to have as little prints on the shirt, so as to reduce costing.

Quantity Required

The price of an order will reduce drastically when comparing an order of 10 to an order of maybe 40pieces. As we use silkscreen most of the time for class tshirt printing, the setup costs will be shared among 40pieces instead of just 10. A simple maths calculation actually.

Type of Apparels

The commonly used type of apparels will be t-shirts. However, we all want to stand out from the crowd. There have been students coming to customize hoodies, windbreakers and also polo t-shirt for their class.

There are of course price difference between the lot. A simple comparison between the 3,

T-shirt (round neck plain) – $9.00nett
with 1 simple A4 size logo and personalized name and number
Based on 40pcs

Polo T-shirt (plain) – $11.00nett
with 1 simple A4 size logo and personalized name and number
Based on 40pcs

Hoodie Jacket (plain) – $18.00nett
with 1 simple A4 size logo and personalized name and number
Based on 40pcs