History of Egaming Jersey

Now the new craze in town will be electronic gaming (termed as E-gaming). Your grandparents who are now probably in their 70s to 90s will be thinking, you must be crazy to consider this a sport or even a career.

However, since the late 1990s, there have been emergence of competitive games like Counterstrike (HEY! Thats my game when growing up). But if you are still in your early teens, you may not heard of it, so just click on the above to read up on it.

With competitve games, there will be competition and tournaments. Later came the craze of Warcraft 3 : DOTA custom games. This gave rise to a new level of Egaming competitions in Singapore. During games, you now see teams having their own gaming t-shirt ! (last time, simple tshirts were printed only to represent their team and gaming shop)

Donning such a jersey brought unity to the team but more of a marketing brand of the gaming shop the team was representing. With the current advancement of fabric printing, we have moved on to fanciful designs for Egaming jersey that can be worn during your leisure times.

Pricing Rates

Of course, you will think that “WOW, such a fanciful design will cost me a bomb !”

At Printeesg, what do we provide ? We only provide Top quality prints at affordable rates !

Egaming jerseys will cost you maybe around $18 to $25nett each. We are able to customize hoodies and jackets as well fully printed with your team logos and etc. How amazing is that ?

Oh yes, one more thing, if you gotten a cheaper quote from other printing vendors in Singapore, please let me know, we will do a price match for you !

Contact Information

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