t-shirt printing guide

Are you intending to hit on the brilliant idea of starting an e-commerce t-shirt business in Singapore? Or are you simply looking to produce a slogan t-shirt with your clique that you can call your own? Regardless of what your intention is, there is no doubt that custom t-shirts can lend a touch of exclusivity, giving you a voice to be part of something entirely special. Moreover, we think that it is an idea beyond brilliant! Why? Simply because one can never have too many clothes – not to mention, a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

However, while it sounds exciting and all, the process can be a tad complicated if you are entirely new to t-shirt printing. Reason being, there are loads to consider. From the choice of a t-shirt printing company, down to the fundamentals such as fabric, design, specifications, and more, coming to a decision can undeniably be a tricky feat.

But fret not, because it all stems from having the right plan – as long as you lay the groundwork, the rest comes naturally. To help you get rolling, we have compiled some pro tips on what to consider when it comes to t-shirt printing in Singapore.

1. Decide on a t-shirt design

 First and foremost, coming up with an exceptional design should always be the primary step. One should never ever jump into a t-shirt printing endeavour without a design in mind. After all, what is a custom t-shirt without a great design, right? With that said, having a great design doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to rush into settling for one. The trick here is to take your time to explore different concepts.

If you are feeling disorientated, perhaps you can start from a simple sketch, or draw inspirations from anything around you. A masterpiece always stems from the story and idea that you wish to illustrate. Apart from that, it is also worth thinking about the details and the choice of colours.

Tip: For beginners, use the colour wheel to pick out complementary colours. If you don’t have a graphic designer in-house, consider getting help from the experts or exploring t-shirt design platforms which you can easily navigate around!

2. Pick your material

Many people tend to overlook the importance of picking the right material. However, we’d say that this should always be part of your checklist! Choosing the right fabric that is apt for your purposes is significant. Say you are printing for a sports-related or outdoor event; you certainly don’t want to opt for cotton as cotton isn’t moisture-wicking. On the contrary, cotton can be an excellent choice for day to day usage.

The bottom line is – always remember to keep the comfort element in mind when choosing your material.

3. Consider your budget and quantity

You want to bring your dream tee to life without breaking the bank. However, it is relatively easy to go over your budget without realising it – which explains why you need to have these set in stone before hastily diving into the next steps.

One of the biggest secrets on reducing the printing cost per unit is to print in bulk quantity. Again, this depends on your needs.

4. Choosing a printing method

In our previous article, we shared about how the different t-shirt printing methods can bring forth vastly different results. While it’s entirely up to your personal preferences, evaluating the ins and outs of the various techniques can surely help you make a more informed decision.

5. Selecting your desired t-shirt printing company

Whether you are looking to forge a long-term relationship or a one-off partnership, selecting the right t-shirt printing company is possibly one of the most crucial steps. A good t-shirt printing company should always be proactive in communication and transparent in every step of the collaboration.

Additionally, you may also want to consider the company’s speed of work, workmanship and past experiences.

Tip: The internet has made our lives much easier! You can now effortlessly do your research and look through the company’s portfolio online. We highly recommend not to skip this step, as this could potentially make or break the final output.

Lucky for you, there are t-shirt printing companies out there, like us at PrinteeSG, who always place customers’ satisfaction at the forefront of the business. Ready to rock your new t-shirt? There is no better time to get started than now!