Why do the Tshirt Printing on my shirt wear off ?

Everyone had a painful experience of their new jerseys and shirts go through a bad wash and have the prints fading or peeling off. Now we are here to explain, what Not to Do.
Let us list down all the tshirt printing types in Singapore.

Silkscreen prints

tshirt printing
Silkscreen printing has a paint-like characteristic, feels rough to touch

This is commonly used for bulk ordered shirts and low costing shirts used for events and school outing.Silkscreen printing is done using a paint like ink and is cured via heat treatment. Although it is very durable, please DO NOT bleach the shirt while washing and DO NOT use the dryer for washing to ensure the prints last longer.

Heat Transfer Digital Print

tshirt printing
Heat Transfer prints are done at about 150degerees to ensure the glue melts and sticks to fabric

Used mainly for printing of personalized names and numbers for jersey usage. Also used for low quantity prints which require many colors within the design.
Printing to the shirt is using heated glue. Thus it is very UNWISE to use the dryer to wash the shirt and please DO NOT use the iron to try to get the creases straightened. Heat treatment will damage the items badly, please refer to your nearest tshirt printer immediately if your print begins to peel. Remember DO NOT use hot water for washing as well

Direct to Garment Printing

tshirt printing
Direct to Garment Printing (image credits: FUNSUN)

Hardly used for local Singapore market due to the expensive costs involved. If the vendor suggests using DTG printing, please tell him you do not have much money for something so expensive and do not last. Normally, vendors will say its DTG, but will use something like a heat transfer paper to pass it off. See below for heat transfer paper printing.

Heat Transfer Paper Printing

tshirt printing
Heat Transfer paper printing

Used by only amateurs due to the color fading after maybe 2 to 3 washes. Can be printed using a common desktop printer fitted with transfer paper that cost maybe S$1.00nett per piece. Using a common hot iron found at home, this shirt can be printed for under $2.00nett cost.
It WILL fade after some washing. Turn your shirt inside out and use cold wash will do great.