Step into the arena 30 minutes before the basketball match, and you will start to witness young athletes filling the space with their flashy, bright-coloured printed team uniform.

If you have ever wondered how the team uniforms – or what we call, jersey – came about, let’s dig a little deeper into the historical timeline. 

The birth of printed team uniform

With more than 100 years of history, the idea of jerseys should be no stranger to you by now. But how did it all started?

Well, when the sport was invented, players were commonly seen in trousers and wool undershirts (probably not the most comfortable combination, isn’t it?) In the 1920s, the concept of team-coordinated uniform surfaced, upon the discovery of one of the best-kept secrets to differentiating two different teams. It all started with mid-length shorts and wool basketball jerseys, then came the invention of synthetic fabrics. The jersey trend was quickly followed by form-fitting colourful uniforms in the 1960s.

Owing to the legendary Michael Jordan, basketball uniforms took another important leap – with 1988 marking the start of the new era for modern basketball uniforms. Teams began to emulate Michael Jordan’s look with sublimated uniforms (what we commonly see today).

For now, it seems like the baggy look along with squad number and player name on the back is here to stay.

Basketball jerseys and fashion culture

Today, team jerseys not only play a significant role on the court, but they have also become a fashion statement outside of sporting arenas – transforming basketball into a “runway” of the sports world. One may think that this fashion show is exclusive to celebrity players alone. However, that isn’t quite the case. Since the rise of basketball jersey fashion, college teams across the globe have been spotted with new game-time threads, showcasing their love for basketball while looking sharp and polished.

Of course, besides the strong correlation between jerseys and fashion, there’s a whole lot of psychological impact behind this valuable asset.

The fundamental reason behind why basketball teams adopted custom printed uniforms in the first place is to create a visual distinguishment. Unity and team sportsmanship are, in turn, forged through a strong identity.

When the matching uniform is put on, an individual immediately becomes a part of a force with shared visions of commitment, and that is remarkable on its own. A symbol of pride, personality and all things wonderful, it makes us wonder how would the sport be like if team uniforms do not exist – ah, the chaos – let’s not go there!

Begin establishing your team’s legacy with custom printed uniforms

Is your team preparing for glory? Then it’s time to have your power gear chucked on!

To turn heads in a crowded arena, your jersey needs to standout. For that reason, investing in custom printed uniforms is perhaps the best choice. Why so? Well, simply because custom printed uniforms enable teams to customise every single inch on the piece to make them truly unique. From the desired colour and fonts to the placement of logos, name, number and more – the team has the autonomy to decide. This enables a more enjoyable production process for all, while giving players the boost they need to play the best they can on the court.

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Now’s the time to take the shot and play with one heartbeat.