Building strong brand recognition and winning over the hearts of new customers can be a long-term endeavour. This is especially so for new start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Today, most businesses have turned to advertise on digital platforms to establish strong branding for their organisation and stay ahead of their competitors. Great, digital business transformation is undoubtedly the cornerstone of a successful branding strategy. But what’s one underrated method that is often overlooked?

taking custom corporate shirt to next level

The answer is – incorporating a custom corporate shirt. With organisations leaning towards a casual dress code in the workplace, uniform seems to have become a thing of the past in the corporate world. However, while permitting your employees to dress freely and comfortably in casual clothing is great and all, having a custom corporate shirt (be it formal business shirt or t-shirt) can bring you a far greater edge over the competition than you have ever imagined.

Here are some reasons why you should definitely consider implementing a custom corporate shirt.

1. Increased brand recall value through company representation

What’s the first thing that people notice about you when you meet them? It is perhaps what you are wearing! When employees don a shirt branded with your brand logo or one that showcases your brand colour on the streets, it helps to increase the recognition of your business – for free!

With the market today being so saturated, your business needs to stand out. And yes, it has been proven for years that large corporations are often associated and instantly identified by consumers through their brand logos or colour scheme.

With that said, at a glance, your potential audiences will remember your product or business at the back of their minds. Once the “I believe that I have seen this brand somewhere” thought is triggered, it becomes a lot easier for them to connect with your brand.

2. Reflects on the level of professionalism your organisation has built

A well-strategised corporate shirt design helps to create a unified front and ensure that every employee look put together all the time. At the end of the day, you don’t want the word “disorganised” or “sloppy” to be associated with your brand. Thus, having a corporate shirt helps to inspire confidence in the consumer and build credibility for your brand, right from the first impression.

We believe that there is no need to emphasise the power of portraying a good brand image. But organisations often struggle with finding ways to reflect that. Now, implementing a corporate shirt is an interesting strategy that is definitely worth considering.

3. Elevate customer experience through every point of interaction

At every point of interaction, your customers can easily spot this branding element and identify your employees right away. This gives them an elevated experience throughout the entire consumer journey. We would think that this is especially significant if you are operating in the retail realm.

Just imagine yourself stepping into a busy retail storefront and feeling disorientated because you had a hard time differentiating the staff from fellow customers. Nah, you certainly do not want your customers to experience that.

Having a corporate shirt makes your employees easily identifiable in busy surroundings, and no employees will ever go unnoticed whenever your customers require assistance.

4. Works hand-in-hand with the rest of your marketing efforts

Running marketing campaigns on digital platforms can help you reach potential audiences online. And how about your offline efforts?

Indeed, putting up billboard advertisements or organising trade shows works – but these would cost you a bomb! So, what’s a subtle and effective, yet cost-saving way to echo your brand name? Your staff! They are your most prominent ambassadors.

Time to switch up your business attire and make your way to success

Of course, beyond corporate branding, a corporate shirt also helps to promote camaraderie and boost company unity. Needless to say, this will also help to improve the overall productivity of internal processes.

For a relatively small investment, a corporate shirt can yield massive returns for your brand. If you are ready to make your way to success, all that’s left is to engage a reliable printing company!